• http://twitter.com/MrDeVil_909 David Couto

    Jacques, I’m not sure this list is actually ‘for’ the atheists. It seems more like something for the atheists to point to when the religious claim that you need a god to have morals. And the fact it’s circulating in mainstream media helps that.

    And, to be honest, many well known atheists need number 5, politeness, on that list. 😉

    • http://www.synapses.co.za/ Jacques Rousseau

      Hmm. He said “There’s no scientific answer to being virtuous, but the key thing is to have some kind of list on which to flex our ethical muscles. It reminds us that we all need to work at being good, just as we work at anything else that really matters” – which does present it as “for” atheists. But that’s not really an important quibble – I do agree that there’s some merit to this, as there is to many of his ideas.

      Agreed on the tone thing, even though that’s still the topic of fierce battle, as I’d imagine you know. I can’t see the harm in trying to be civil (despite occasionally failing at it myself, of course).