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    To be fair to MyBB, a lengthy discussion has resulted in moderators adding a poll to gauge the community’s opinion on the matter, and there’s overwhelming support for the continuation of religious discussion. Hopefully then, the people will be heard.

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    A lovely head in the sand response from Staalbal, a regular poster on MyBB:

    “Wow, I find this to be the most stupidest thing I have ever heard.

    Think about it this way, to the Christians God is their father away from home. Thus if you put out blatant derogatory statements against The Father, The Son or the Holy Ghost you are in actual fact attacking his father. Since you don’t have any religion of any sort, should the Christians retaliate by making remarks aimed at your mother or your father directly ?

    Strange you can sit back and call fowl by a set group of people when you offend something close to them when you have nothing to protect of be offended about.

    I think let’s make this common ground, the Anti-Christ’s here will always make derogatory statements against God, Jesus and the likes. So in retaliation, Christians should take a swing at that person’s mother or father ?

    That way it’s an eye for an eye, not so ?

    The thing that pisses me off so much is the pure lack of respect you guys have for the Christians and their beliefs.”

    This in response to a post in which I argue for equal protection, or equal offense being allowed. Switch your brain on, Staalbal.