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  • Jacques Rousseau

    In a delightfully oblivious email, the student who was given the medical certificate above emailed me yesterday, to say that this is all a misunderstanding. She had been given a valid medical certificate, and then an extension to it, which is the one scanned above. In her email was a scan of the “valid” medical certificate – which again lists no ailment, and which again bears a letterhead pretending to be a homeopath (which is itself, of course, pretending to be a medical practitioner).

  • M van Heerden

    Dear Jacques

    I am afraid you are the ignorant one.

    To become a Naturopath or Phytotherapist, you study an intense 3 year degree, followed by 2 years of honours, by the University of Western Cape.

    Once the above education completed, you register by the Allied Health Professions Council, and obtain the hard-earned and well qualified title as a “doctor”.
    Needless to say, a Naturopath is not a quack, neither a non-professional, and certainly is a practitioner in the medical field.
    Your ignorance is astounding.
    More and more people turn to Naturopaths and Phytotherapists for medical help. Conventional medicine is fine, but not always the best.
    So while you pop another unnecessary antibiotic, I will rather choose to take my Moducare.

    • Jacques Rousseau

      Ignorant I might be, but at least I can read attentively. The blog post complains about homeopathy, not naturopathy, and about the fact that the practitioner in question isn’t registered properly (as a homeopath).

      To your misguided point, though – the existence of qualification X doesn’t make X automatically respectable.