• K S sucker

    J Rousseau you are totally correct! Char Margolis is an absolute FAKE! She is completely unethical taking peoples money (350 US Dollars per person not R350) and feeding them lies. I attended a private group reading event. She didn’t have one psychic thing to say to me. Everyone else in the room completely fooled. Guess she spent enough time on the internet looking up her victims and obtaining as much information as she needed to make them believe. In my case no information about me is available on the internet. Therefore she had nothing to say to me!!! Don’t be fooled people she uses clever tricks and good resources. That’s how she does it. FRAUD!!!

  • http://KathyCouric Dave B.

    I just saw Char Margolis on The Katy Couric Show. I noticed she started atleast two of her readings(one of wnich is included on a reading shown on U-Tune) she asked the audience member if tney kmow someone witn a “J” or “M”. One both shows! Hmmmmmmmmmm?