• Neville

    Just remember that it was white people who voted in the referendum to allow De Klerk to negotiate with the ANC. There was never any question of the ANC winning a military freedom.

    Jillian’s upbringing and her opinions are her own based on what her life experiences are and were. We are all South African irrespective of colour we all want our children to be safe and have good carriers and lives, BBEEE is a disaster, where else in the world do the majority have to be protected against he minority?

    The absolute lack of respect of the law and life in our country was never as apparent as it is under the ANC, take the time to speak to black Zimbabweans on how dangerous our country is versus their own! from a crime perspective, and they have a dictatorship. This is not a black white issue it is a lack of government and willingness to make changes for the better. Zuma is a criminal and his government has proven its inability to govern this country from an ethical and fiscal perspective for the last 4 years. Our hope is in the Born Free generation who have already recognized that the ANC does not deserve their vote purely based on what they did pre freedom 1994.

    What few people realize is that the ANC is now getting its dirty corrupt fingers on our pension funds and is being ably assisted by the Insurance companies who should be protecting the policy holders and not creating mechanisms for the ANC to get our hard saved pension funds, to which they contribute nothing, for the purpose of infrastructure development. We could go into detail but just some ” highlights from last year” the Sanral tollgate disaster where just the administration of the road fund could have covered a third of the cost of the actual improvements, the 9 billion in unapproved expenditure at local government level the Zuma infrastructure development of 240 million.

    What few people realize is the potential for destructive civil war in South Africa, We cannot live in the past and should not.