• Canis

    Whites were already “privileged” long before Apartheid (and slavery and colonialism). What was the reason then? In history classes whites are demonized. There’s mention of Apartheid and more Apartheid and no mention of how whites also brought high tech, medicine, running water…. and this is radicalizing black kids which feeds back to white kids whose parents already tell them how they can’t trust blacks. This cannot end well, the possibility of civil war is increasing. And you seem to be adding to this blame the white’o attitude, while what we need from influential people like you (not that the government would listen to you or any voice of reason but you do have influence and thank you for that) is not to be pandering to the politically correct agenda but to the WHOLE truth. Because stats show a worsening situation in SA and blaming whites for it is unfair… actually it’s plain evil (and racist). And, why were whites already “privileged” 500 years ago??

    PS: I hope you don’t mind copying and pasting from G+ but I thought it appropriate to post here.