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    Loki’s Wager. I’d say these “cheating” grey-areas and “arbitrary” line-drawing organisations are what makes competitive cycling narratives “good”, even if those fictions do render the activity as “unscientific”.

    Firstly, it’s ethically good arguably because we human adults benefit from these unending ethical arguments over our rules that we’re enforcing universally.

    Secondly, it’s good for the cycling competitions of homo sapiens (or baseball) because it ensures this particular game remains fair for its competitors. Even as we accept that not all members of the human race are eligible to compete alongside Lance at the very highest level.

    And lastly, if I’m correct about the history of pro-wrestling then we primates have already had great success splitting an Olympic sport into one league that is a rule-based fiction and another that is… shall we say categorically “unruly” 😉

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