• Stephen Embleton

    Well put Jacques.
    Isn’t the person who says “what if?”, the philosopher; and the one who says “let’s find out”, the scientist? The one hands the baton to the other in a dual relationship of enquiring minds with the possibility of unlocking the secrets of the universe. Sometimes these can be the same person. Does DGT want everyone to stop thinking? It is the thinking that sparks the flame to discovery. Philosophy is the theory until it is proven or disproven.

  • Leon Retief

    Well written and I
    agree with most of what you say. Philosophy is a superb tool for teaching
    critical thinking although philosophers do not have copyright on it of course. Far
    too few science courses include modules on philosophy. OTOH I am reminded of
    what Steven Weinberg said: that science would be just the same today even if
    there had never been such an animal as a philosopher of science. I rather doubt
    if any scientist ever said to him/herself: well, philosophers of science say
    this and that, therefore I must approach my research in such and such a manner.

  • Marco Fasondini

    Here’s what Bertrand Russell has to say about the topic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvOcjzQ32Fw