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  • ɹǝɯɐןq (@blamer)

    those of us who criticise religion should be careful not to confuse the typical believer with fundamentalists

    I’m not so sure. Dawkins simply adopts monotheism’s framing de jour: modern christian teachings fly in the face of modern scientific teachings. One is true. One is wrong. Pick a side.

    The God Delusion sets the scene very deliberately. If the god you have in mind resembles the creator god of scripture, you are in fact mistaken about this world. Misled by religious teachings. And worse. You have been deluded by holymen about the nature of morality.

    Abuse (verb) To use improperly, to bad effect, or for a bad purpose; misuse.

    Christian teachers know not what they do. Typically believers forgive them, but we fundamentally cannot.

    • Jacques Rousseau

      Of course we should pick a side, and encourage others to. I don’t see what bearing that has on the fact that a typical believer differs radically from a fundamentalist in terms of their various attitudes often including justice, equality, common sense, etc.

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