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  • brian

    Interesting piece. As a born an bred Joburger who spent a lot of time in Cape Town as a youngster and then later after my parents moved there, I can say that I don’t believe that cape Town is any more racist than Johannesburg. having said that, however, I must add the caveat that I believe Capetonians – by which I mean people who were born and bred there and have not really lived anywhere else – to be extremely insular. I recall an email conversation with a Capetonian lady back when I was playing the dating game. It went something like this:
    Me: I find Cape Town to be an unfriendly place.
    Her: Rubbish. It’s the friendliest city in the country.
    Me: Really? So tell me, how many of your personal friends were born somewhere other than Cape Town?
    Her: None…
    Chalk that up as another anecdote.

  • Tim

    As a black Jozi South African who went to varsity in Cape Town and lived in CPT, I think it is more fact than anything else that Cape Town is EXTREMELY racist. Even worse is the black on black discrimination there. The denial of this is the problem.

    Factors such as how few cape townians have travelled in South Africa and the socio economic split or acceptance by Capetownians to stay within the apartheid demographics are key. Blacks and coloured people still live in the “townships” / “Cape Flat lands” and they are comfortable with that without developing their areas or moving to the surburbs.

    Look at SOWETO. Wow, people are aspiring and moving to Sandton and those in the hood are making it a better place.

    I could not believe having an argument with a Capetownian who argued the demographics of the country, actually really thinking the SA Black/white ratio is 50/50.

    What absolute ignorance in that City

  • Neal

    It’s certainly an interesting view and one where I also hope to be untrue. As you mentioned, it’s the one metro where there is a high density of white and coloured people, but I wonder what the reverse is like in other metros. I often think that some white people are effected by racism but are unsure how to take it or report it as it might not go further, or something I’m less able to put into words. But maybe it goes along with your denial comment. I generally stay clear of policial debate, especially around radical, but I love Cape Town and love any integration that happens here.

    I grew up in Botswana, and any racial tension caused was normally caused by South African expats living there, which is sad. I think South Africa has so much to learn, but the constant bitterness, and possible greed, is stopping this from happening and moving forward.

  • Ke Soabile

    Well, here in Capetown, there are places where in a non-white person visits, one feels that he/she is not wanted at all.

    You see, my parents moved us (their children) out of South Africa at a very young age and we have seen racism on all sorts of media, but we never got affected directly like many South Africans. We see every person as unique as he/she deserves regardless of colour, greed, etc.

    Now at my age (52 years) this things caught yesterday (12.02. 2012) at London Town Pub al Koeberg Road in Cape Town at around 14:30.

    I visited this place LONDON TOWN PUB to have lunch and listening to live music. I ordrered my beer and food and I was seated at a table for four. Well I could have sat at the bar counter but I wanted to have my meal on a proper table and it was not reserved, so I took it my meal and my got served no problem.

    While I was still seated eating and drinking a lady working there put two tags written “Reserved” on the very table I was using. I didn’t mind and only thought it is reserved for me.

    I ordrered another Castle Draught no problem and I paid; as usual. Then thereafter I was told to leave that table as it was “Reserved”. I made a small quarrel: saying why did the reserve a table while I was still it?

    But I headed to the counter to have with my beer; but the guys who the table was reserved, said to me I should not leave that table but to stay with which.

    Then the Big Manager call to a corner and said I should leave that table and I related what has happened and why I did not leave that table an we parted. After two minutes he (Big Manager) came back with R20.00 (Twenty Rands) and took my beer and ordered me to leave immediately!

    I was so surprised and I knew I had not done anything wrong and I left in peace. I don’t he stayed in peace himself because he was fuming.

    This was not the first time that he did a funny to me. On 05.02.2012, I had taken a walk to the Woodbridge Island and I came back thirsty and I wanted my cold Castle Draught. I headed to LONDON TOWN PUB. I was in my short pants and sports shoes. As I entered that Pub (something I shall do again)the very Big Manager called outside and showed me a notice that said After 6pm dress should be smart casual.

    I said sorry, I will dress that way again and he allowed me entry.

    I have never had any problem with the people who visit that place except that Big Manager.

    I am new in this area and I am learning very fast.

    May the Soul of the Big Manager rest in peace when the time has come.

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