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  • Bruce Cooper


    To control my weight over the past 30 years I’ve tried every diet known to man – including the one you’re currently espousing – and the only way I’ve managed to do that, unfortunately, is by restricting daily calorie intake. If I consume more than 800 calories a day I gain weight, and lose weight if I consume less than 800. The food mix is of no consequence in my case; it all revolves around the magic 800.

    I am 67, weigh 85 kg and in good health with no serious diseases.


  • Tim noakes

    Dear Bruce,

    I believe you. The published evidence is that you might be able to eat slightly more calories and maintain weight if you eat very few carbs. If you are in Cape Town do please pop in for a discussion.

    Warm regards,


  • Amanda Rodrigues

    Hi Tim,

    I have been researching and reading up all you have recommended on this high protein lifestyle. I have a teenage daughter (16) who has just in the last 5 months been diagnosed with epilepsy but with no seizures, and depression . I have been battling with her scince a young child, and have not known what was wrong. She has been medicated and is a completely changed person … Happy and loving… Except tablets are making her put on weight big time….. As we did not want another problem to replace the first.. I whipped her off to a dietician…. We did the whole calorie restriction, low gi, jail food method for 3 months and she lost only 200g…. Very discouraged, we did blood tests which showed nothing but a slightly raised cholesterol for her age… I have scince read Gary Taubes book ( dietician wanted to know nothing about it) and really feel this way of life could help her especially as it recommends epileptics are helped with this type of diet and she is surrounded on both parents sides with type 2 diabetes, ( her father and his father, and my sister and my mother). I also realize she has a huge carb addiction!!!!
    Are you doing any testing or do you see people to help get them going on this… I am prepared to come to cape town for her to see you…. Really keen to hear from you, but realize you must be unindated with emails….
    Thank you for taking the time to read this…

    Kind regards


    • http://synapses.co.za Jacques Rousseau

      Mandy, this is not Tim’s site, and there’s no good reason to expect him to see your comment (although he of course might do so). As with all us University of Cape Town staff, you could email him directly at firstname.lastname@uct.ac.za

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  • mattblackZA

    So on a rather dull Sunday afternoon I sat reading this.
    I’ve figured out some things with the benefit of watching Mr Noakes and Jacques ideas.
    1. The reason humans eat to much is because, quite simply, our ancestors survived by eating everything that came past and fucking at every chance they got. (Thanks to Penn Jillette for that line). Now, in 2014, some of us (read rich people) have too much food. We eat too much and we eat far too much refined sugar and carbs, the things we used to have to hunt for.
    2. His idea of a low carbs, high fat diet helping to prevent adult diabetes is at odds with the current ideas of the world. Still, in 2014, the highest medical authorities advocate weight loss, exercise and stop smoking. The other thing they all advocate is eating whole grains; whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta etc. All of these are still seen as the keystones of preventing adult onset diabetes.

    If Mr Noakes is correct, and LCHF is truly the best diet for human beings living in an urban environment (which means we drive places and sit at laptops all day instead of chasing down prey like our neolithic ancestors) then surely he will start getting his act together and arguing the case for LCHF using science and evidence rather than letters written to him by loving fans.

  • Tracy

    Humans are not predatory carnivores! We are not lions! We are omnivorous generalists. I would suggest that more attention is given to those groups of people who live the longest around the world, i.e. the Okinawa Japanese, Sardinians, and Seventh Day Adventists from Loma Linda, California. Also, there is no single paleo-diet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=BMOjVYgYaG8