• http://evidenceandreason.wordpress.com/ Jason Bosch

    Wasn’t it just a week or so before the Varsity Newspaper article was released that the papers had a story about how Whites earned more on average than Black people? I don’t remember seeing the same controversy about that. A good question to ask those that got all upset would be why the Varsity Newspaper article was racist but that survey on income wasn’t.

    • http://www.synapses.co.za/ Jacques Rousseau

      Two salient differences come to mind. First, attractiveness is subjective, so (potentially) reveals racism on the part of the respondents, rather than the employment market, reporting on an objective fact (salaries). Second, the Western Cape (and indirectly, UCT, especially in light of misinterpretations regarding our current admissions policy debates) has a reputation for racism, making the fit rather easy, and predictable.