• Jordan Pickering

    OK, that’s ridiculous. Computer’s possessed by demons? Printers, sure, but computers?

  • Jordan Pickering

    Ooh! Spelling mistake. ‘Computers’.

    Surely I couldn’t have made one of my pet-hate mistakes? Maybe there is something to this possession thing…

  • Kev

    Your article just made my day. I think a demon’s jumped right out from my screen and now I can’t stop laughing hysterically.

  • SV

    i just cant stop laughing at this………

  • http://www.cyberexorcism.com GA

    That mentines him on my site as well some time ago…

  • http://www.hackerfunk.ch/ Venty

    Try any Unix flavour (Linux, FreeBSD, …) and you see, it’s running dozens of daemons!

    • http://synapses.co.za Jacques

      Cute – surprising that it’s taken nearly a year for anyone to come up with that!