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  • Michael Meadon

    Jacques, you link to a “charter which hopes to eliminate criticism of religion”, but having read it quickly, I don’t see how it could possibly achieve this.

    “6. Every person has the right to freedom of expression in respect of religion.
    6.1. Every person has the right
    (a) to make public statements and participate in public debate on religious grounds”

    • Jacques

      “6.4. Every person has the right to religious dignity, which includes not to be victimised, ridiculed or slandered on the ground of their faith, religion, convictions or religious activities.”

      I’d say that’s broad enough to be problematic.

      • Michael Meadon

        Ah, right. I should’ve kept reading 6 instead of skimming ahead…

  • Riaan Lourens

    Since Christians groups have now made an issue of this… it has become an issue. Meaning if Woolworths now continue to stock Christian literature, this action will then clearly become offensive to Muslims, Atheists and all other religions on this planet whose literature they do not stock, or do not actively make an effort to stock, regardless of whether there is a market for it or not. Same thing will happen if they stock only DA or ANC banners and literature. Bottom-line – Its your Supermarket – not your Church! Next move – they will try and crucify Woollies by boycotting them like they do to all and sundry that steps out of their line (think gay/black/funny hair/etc) Yawn!

  • jennilee sale

    I do not think that Woolies needed to inform the public about taking the magazines of the shelves. What they sell in their shop has got nothing to do with the customer. Before Woolies only sold certain food products…namely Woolworths brand….then because the customers had to go somewhere else for their favourite coffe brand,etc, they brought that in. Woolies Food sells food and is not a magazine store…go buy your magazines at CNA that is what they do. My store sells 2 local newspapers, where are the other 3 that we see in other supermarkets? The store can never have everything available for every customer that is why we have other supermarkets!

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