The (current) metamorphosis of the Democratic Alliance

The Democratic Alliance appears to be choosing a direction that can only win back Freedom Front Plus voters, rather than appeal to the nation in general.

The Responsible Believer – my #TAM2014 talk

The video and text of my presentation at The Amaz!ng Meeting (TAM), 2014, titled “The Responsible Believer”.

Day 4 at #TAM2014

Notes from the final day of The Amazing Meeting, 2014, held at the South Point Casino in Las Vegas.

Day 3 at #TAM2014

A recap of events during the third day of The Amazing Meeting, 2014.

Day 2 at #TAM2014

A brief recap of events on day 2 of The Amazing Meeting 2014.

Day 1 at #TAM2014

Notes from The AmazIng Meeting, Day 1

Day 0 at #TAM2014

TAM2014 will get underway tomorrow morning, and the South Point Casino in Las Vegas is slowly filling up with skeptical types.

#TAM2013 wrap-up

An index of how rewarding I found TAM2013 to be is simply this: I doubt I’ll miss another one.

#TAM2013 in Las Vegas, Day one

Day one of #TAM2013 has been fantastic, and I look forward to more of the same.

Don’t contaminate your water with water

If you aren’t careful, all of your “blank” water might mysteriously turn into “medicine”. Which you couldn’t tell apart from water, but never mind that.