Gender dysphoria and gender reassignment

Hormone therapy or surgery for children experiencing gender dysphoria is an emotive and complex topic, in part because I can’t see how we can avoid being influenced by prevailing social norms in assessing individual cases.

Deciding when to die

Death should not be trivialised, so it’s understandable that some of us are wary of legislation that allows for assisted suicide. But if it’s the dignity of life that we’re hoping to preserve, it’s unclear how denying suffering people their final choice promotes a sort of dignity worth preserving.

Tony Nicklinson and assisted dying

Tony Nicklinson is petitioning the British High Court for the opportunity to be allowed to choose to die. While many cases of assisted dying are problematic, the Nicklinson case demonstrates exactly why British – and South African – law should recognise that there are cases in which it is unethical to deny someone the right to die.